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[Deprecated] is a private system that also offers certain limited services to friends and community.

If you are looking for one of the following recently moved services and were directed here, please try one of the following links:


System migration in progress

NOTICE [2014/02/22 23:30]: Shaman has suffered a non-recoverable hardware failure, but the drives should still be OK. I'm trying to get them online in a new server ASAP but until then I'm trying to bring services back online with the backup from last night. Expect breakage.

UPDATE [2014/02/23 04:00]: This is slow going since I'm moving to a new machine. Many things were close to being ready but not quite there yet. I almost have e-mail back online, but you will have lost data since the previous night's backup (roughly 2014/02/22 around 5AM, though I'm hoping to get the data from the colo provider put back online so I can integrate what's missing). As soon as I finish the mailing-list configuration I'll open the ports. Jabber is unavailable until after I finish e-mail services, something in the configuration is acting up and I might have to migrate to a different server backend.

UPDATE [2014/02/23 12:00]: Jabber is back and seems to be holding steady. I've also got the new server de-listed with most of the black-lists that were blacklisting whatever was on the IP before me. With that, I think the big items are all accounted for and now just let me know if you're not seeing files or other tools you expected to be there.

UPDATE [2014/02/23 16:45]: The old server had a power-supply failure but they did not have any PSUs of that vintage. Unfortunately, the previously installed system was not bootable on the newer hardware either, so I'm up on new hardware with a pristine OS and I do have one of 2 of the drives mounted and I'm beginning to see what to move over that came in after the latest backup. Expect the missing messages to appear in your INBOX in the next day or so.

FINAL UPDATE [2014/02/24 15:00]: All of the big items should be done and working and the missing e-mail has been redelivered. If there's anything I've missed it's probably not on my TODO list so please mail me!

FOLLOWUP [2014/02/25 09:00]: The new version of the jabber server I had to move to had a bug. The fixed version was only released yesterday and has not made it into the OS packages yet to I manually integrated the patch. I'll upgrade to the new version as soon as it's official for the system.


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